Do You Suffer from Hypothyroidism and are a Writer?

hypothyroidism, writerSarah Lentz
The Hypothyroid Writer
October 2016
205 pages
$2.99 eBook, $12.99 paperback
Health, Fitness, and Dieting


Are you a writer struggling to write while dealing with hypothyroidism? If so, you’re not alone. This book, The Hypothyroid Writer, will help you deal with this problem.

Lentz divides the book into two parts. In the first part, she describes what hypothyroidism is and what some of the major symptoms are. These symptoms are the ones who hit writers the hardest, including brain fog, low energy, anxiety, and depression. She includes her own story for each symptom and how she’s dealing with it. Lentz gives some suggestions as to how to handle each symptom.

For the second part of The Hypothyroid Writer, Lentz focuses on seven habits you can use to get your writing done. These seven habits are based on the book, The Morning Miracle for Writers, by Hal Elrod, Steve Scott, and Honoree Conder. Lentz gives a good description of each habit, and then she shares how she is using the habit in her own life and how each habit is working for her.

As far as this book goes, I enjoyed it. I accidentally found it one day while I was looking for another book. I read through the sample pages and thought it would be a good book for me. I was in the middle of working with a doctor to figure out my own hypothyroid issues, and I was having trouble keeping up with my own writing. At that point, I was willing to try anything so I could get moving toward my writing and editing goals because this autoimmune disease is not easy to deal with.

Dividing the book into two parts works for me. Even though I have researched hypothyroidism, I did learn some new things in the first part. I feel like there is always something new to learn about this. I also learned I’m not alone with this disease, and our symptoms can vary from person to person.

The second part was the most helpful to me. When Lentz mentioned The Miracle Morning for Writers, I look at it on Amazon and found I could read it for free so I did. It certainly showed how she had come up with her own habits for this book.

At the end of the book, Lentz gave us tons of resources — books, websites, podcasts, and apps — for further reading and help. Some of the books I have read or heard of, and other books were new to me. It’s always nice to know what other books are good resources.

This book was what I needed at the right time in my life. It gave me the kick in the pants to realize I needed to declutter not only my house, but my life as well. I took steps to get rid of things that were weighing me down and am now more focused on getting my writing and editing business moving in the right direction.

If you suffer from hypothyroidism and are a writer, I would suggest reading The Hypothyroid Writer. It’s a good book that explains the disease and gives you good suggestions on how to deal with it while you try to build a writing career. If you aren’t dealing with hypothyroidism, then it still gives you a good look at what a writer with the disease is dealing with. Either way, I suggest giving this book a read. You won’t be disappointed.

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