Looking for an Editor or Writer?

Do you need a copy editor to polish your manuscript? Maybe you need a proofreader to read through your novel one more time? Are you looking for a writer to write a blog post, article, or eBook?

So which of those people do you need?

I can do any of those so look no further!

Do you need editing or proofreading?

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What’s the difference between a copy editor and a proofreader?” I get that question quite a bit.

Here’s my definition in a nutshell. A copy editor revises grammar, punctuation, spelling, repetition, word choice, and consistency issues. For example, if a character has a birthday in May in one part of the book, and the character has a birthday party in December, the copyeditor would catch that kind of mistake.

A proofreader reads through the final version of the book, essay, or writing looking for any typos or formatting problems. This person will look for last minute mistakes before you hit the “Publish” button.

What will I edit or proofread?

I have edited and proofread different kinds of writing over the years. Here are some examples of what I will edit and/or proofread:

  • ebooks/books
  • blog posts
  • web content
  • articles
  • much more!

I aim to do the best job I can so I’ll read through your writing two times. I will make corrections using Word’s Track Changes or Google Docs.

What are my editing and proofreading rates?

Each manuscript is different so my rates will vary according to the amount of editing your project needs. I prefer to do a sample edit (750 words) so that I can give you the most accurate quote.

  • Copyediting rates vary from $.005-.007 per word.
  • Proofreading rates vary from $.003-.004 per word.

What kinds of writing I will do?

Are you wondering how you can keep up with your blog while you work an 8 to 5 job? Maybe you need articles for your job’s website? Here’s what I enjoy writing:

  • ebooks/books
  • blog posts
  • articles
  • web content
  • much more!

What are my writing rates?

The rate for each of these begins at $.15 per word. Please contact me to discuss your writing project at michele@michelemathews dot com.

What else do you need to know about my services?

I’ll give you an initial quote based on an estimated word count. The final invoice will be adjusted and will reflect the final word count. For all jobs, I ask that 50 percent be paid up front before I begin with the rest due when I finish the job.

Payment will be made through PayPal at michele@michelemathews dot com. I can send an invoice if you like. Please provide me with an email address.

Please allow two weeks for me to edit or proofread your novel and one week for short stories, novellas, and other short writings. Writing projects will vary depending upon what I’m doing.

Rush jobs are charged an extra $100.

I like getting new clients so please feel free to refer your friends. You’ll be rewarded with 10 percent off your next project.

Are you ready?

I am ready to help you in your journey to publish your novels or help you with whatever writing you need.

Are you ready to edit or proofread your book, or do you need something written? Visit my Portfolio to see what I’ve already done or contact me — michele @ michelemathews dot com!