Top 7 Reasons I Can’t Give up Facebook

FacebookTo do or not to do Facebook, that is the question. People say they stay off of Facebook because it’s not that important to them. As much as I would like to avoid this social media some days, I can’t.

You’re probably thinking, Why not? Avoiding Facebook isn’t that easy for me. Up until March 31, I was running two direct sales businesses there. However, I have taken a break from them for now.

Again, you ask, Why not now? I still have my writing and editing business. I have things to do with these two things that I can’t do without Facebook. It’s one of two social media I use primarily to market this business.

1. Share blog posts

At least once a month, I write a blog post for each of my websites. With my author website, I write about various topics about me in an effort to help you get to know me. I have written reviews of fiction books I’ve read that I think you would like.

For my freelance website is geared more for my fellow writers. However, that shouldn’t stop my readers from reading information that I post there. Sometimes readers become writers.

2. Market freelance business

I have finally created a business page for my freelance business so now I have to market and post to that page in the hopes that I will drum up some business.

3. Share other content of interest

With Facebook, I can share other content that interest me. For instance, I’ve dealt with domestic violence in my life so I share things related to that. I’m a survivor and want to help other women who want to get out of their own situation.

I’m trying hard to be more positive in my life so I enjoy posting motivational quotes or uplifting memes I find. Of course, beach memes are a must to share.

As far as my freelancing business goes, I’ll post things related to writing and editing. I’ve already been doing that as I see things.

4. Keep up to date with writing progress

My author page allows me to post how my writing is coming along. I can easily write a status saying what I’ve done writing related each day if I want — although I don’t always do that. It’s fun to share how I’m doing and get encouragement from my readers.

5. Market books

Writing books is great, but unless you’re marketing them, you won’t sell many copies. Facebook gives me a way to market my books. I’m not one to say, “Buy my book,” but I use the social media as a way to grow relationships with others. Selling the books will come later at the right time.

6. Participate in writing groups

When I first joined Facebook, I found a writing group, World Literary Cafe, that helped me get my second book self-published. Once I found that group, other groups have followed. The best one is 10 Minute Novelists. I have grown so much being in this group. We have chats several times a week and interact within the group every day.

Because of that group, I found another group called . I’ve already learned quite a bit in that group as well, but I don’t post in that one like I do 10 Minute Novelists.

7. Interact with readers and fellow writers

Going along with what I said above, I get to interact with other writers, not only in writing groups, but sometimes as a friend on my personal page, too. Once I’ve gotten to know someone a bit in the group, we usually become friends.

Then I have my readers. I love interacting with all of them. They are supportive and encourage me as much as my fellow writers. Of course, I’m sure they can’t wait to read my books.

Are you on Facebook? Do you think you could avoid being there, or do you think you need it? What are your reasons for being on Facebook?

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