How to Write an Awesome Travel Article

travel articleTraveling to either to a place you’ve been or a new place is always a fun time. A travel article is a fun way to share a trip you’ve taken either on your blog or as a guest on a website.

Of course, figuring out how to write the article may not be as fun, but it’s not as bad as you might think. If you want to be successful writing travel articles, then these tips will help you.

Research before you go

Before traveling to a destination, especially a place where you’ve never been, research the area. Find the hotel where you want to stay, one that suits your needs. Look for things to do. Usually most places have something for each person in the family.

Find restaurants that appeal to you. Depending upon the kinds of food you like, you can find something that you’ll enjoy. If you’re a history buff, destinations sometimes have historical places.

Every trip I’ve ever taken as an adult has been researched for at least a few hours, if not many. Since I travel with my dogs, I always research for hotels that take them. I won’t go any place without them. I also research for things to do and places to eat.

I’m not an adventurous person, but I do enjoy history so I seek those things out. I prefer not to eat at places where I can eat at home, but sometimes that can’t always be the reality.


While traveling, journal about your trip. Write down the things you see and describe them as much as you can. Write down your feelings about the things you see. Jotting down the details will help you remember every little thing about your trip.

I have journaled about several trips I’ve gone on since I was a teenager. I like remembering the details of the trip. Journaling these trips has helped me write about them later.

Pick one moment

Choosing what to write about a trip can be hard. But the best thing to do is pick one moment. That trip has many possibilities for several different articles.

For every trip you take, you have several articles you can write. You can choose an angle for different things you’ve done, places you’ve eaten, or hotels you’ve stayed.

For instance, you could write a review about a restaurant or a hotel. You find a local person and write an article about what’s it like to live there year round. You could interview a person who works at a historical place.

Use vivid language

When you’re writing a travel article, make sure you use vivid language. You want the readers to feel like they are right there with you. Describe the restaurant, hotel, or historic place with your five senses.

I entered a travel piece for a contest on a website called We Said Go Travel. While I didn’t win the contest, the website published my travel article, and I shared it with my readers. One reader commented that she felt like she could hear the waves as she read it.

Hook the reader

Like a novel or a feature story, you must hook the readers. If you don’t, they won’t read any further than the first paragraph, and you’ve lost them to another article. Ask a question, tell a story, or write a fact that makes the reader want to finish the travel piece.

Personally, I use either a question or a story to hook my readers. Obviously, the story worked in the article I mentioned above because of the compliments I received.

If you’ve written a travel article, are these tips you follow? Do you have your own tips for writing a great travel article?

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