My Amazing 2018 Goals Will Rock This Year

2018 goals2018 is here, and I’m ready for it. How about you? I’ve set some new and better goals, and I’m ready to crush them!

Last year I had six goals. However, I didn’t hit many of them. A couple of them I even fell short quite a bit.

At first I felt like a failure because I didn’t achieve the goals I had set. Then I realized I still had done some things, which was better than nothing at all. I’ve learned how to write and market books better and how to build newsletter subscribers.

With those new skills, I’ll use my knowledge to help me crush those goals. You might guess by now that my word of the year is “crush.” I love that word “crush,” as you can probably tell.

I am determined to make some decent extra money this year and pay off some debt so I can finally get ahead in life. Too many years of being knocked down time and again. Now it’s time to live my life the way I want.

1. I will publish six books.

In 2018, I’m already preparing and almost ready to publish three short travel memoirs with a bit of guide book. My editor has edited the first two and has told me she found them interesting. That brought a smile to my face.

I have written a memoir about my love of Rick Springfield. However, I wanted to add some things to it so I’ve been organizing my memorabilia so I can add some details. I know his other fans will be excited to read this, and I can’t wait to get it finished!

A few years ago, I published my first book of a trilogy and followed it up with the second book. Then I got stuck trying to write the third book, which I finally finished last year. 2018 will not only see the third book published, but the first two relaunched by June hopefully.

Toward the end of last year, I decided to give young adult contemporary romance a try. I started researching the tropes of this genre and joined a Facebook group devoted to this genre. I am ready to give this a chance. I’m working on a short story for an anthology with some other YA romance authors. I’m excited about this venture!

Along my publishing journey this year, I will start outlining at least one, if not two, YA romance books I will write and hopefully publish by the end of the year.

Last year I stated I would publish four books. I fell short of that, and only published one short book about self-publishing plus the short story prequel to the trilogy I’ve started publishing. I’m not sure bumping this up to six was a smart idea, but it might be the push I need to get my butt in gear.

2. I will read 40 books.

In order to be a great writer, you must be a great reader. I have a few books about marketing and writing that I got for Christmas so I plan to read those as soon as I can. In addition, I’ll read any other books I’ve gained on my Kindle or borrow from the library.

Last year I said I would read 36 books. At the halfway point in June, I had read 10 of those 36 books so I kicked it into gear and finished the 36th book right after Christmas. I know 40 books is do-able.

3. I will write 750 words each day.

After I hit 500 words almost daily from May 1 to the end of last year, I decided to bump up my daily word count to 750 for 2018. I want to push myself to write and get a few novels, novellas, and/or short stories done. I can’t do that with 500 words a day.

If all else fails, I can always decrease this amount, but I would rather not. If anything, I would like to write way more than that each day, but I know better than to push myself too hard.

4. I will make at least $1000 from my books and other biz adventures.

While $1000 sounds like a lot, it’s what I need to pay the bills and not have to go into more debt. In order to make this $1000 a month, I’ll need those books published that I mentioned above.

I’ll also continue working on my freelance editing — although it’s not as big a deal as it was. I will still try and get clients, but my true love is writing my own books.

In 2018, I want to create at least one extra stream of income. I got a nice zoom lens for my Nikon camera for Christmas so I’m hoping to get into photography a bit more. I would also like to open a store on my website and sell some author swag. I’ve already been thinking of ideas for my store!

Last year I had hoped to make at least $500 a month from my freelancing and books. I did hit it a couple of times, but it wasn’t as consistent as I had hoped it would be. The extra money once in a while was better than nothing and helped me when I needed it most.

My year 2018

I’m determined to make this year the best it can be. I’ve had some not-so-great years so I’m due for a great year.

With only four goals for my writing and editing business, these are totally do-able goals. I will break each bigger goal down into smaller goals.

What are your 2018 goals? What goals do you want to crush?

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