How to Deal With Haters When You’re an Author


Authors have to deal with haters from time to time. There is no getting around it. When you are famous or are well known, you deal with it more. But a hater can touch any author.

Last week I dealt with my first hater. He wasn’t even talking about my books but rather a blog post I had posted on my author website. He didn’t leave his comment on my website. Instead he posted a comment to me on Twitter.

I’m not sure why he did that. The comment wasn’t connected to anything on Twitter so my followers had no idea what he was referring to. He could have easily commented right there under the blog post.

How I dealt with my own hater

At first I was shocked, but the words weren’t ones I hadn’t heard before. I was more in shock that he had found me on Twitter because he doesn’t seem like the social media type of person.

I’ve done a lot of healing since the incident happened that he mentioned. I politely responded to him and haven’t seen a response yet. And I may not.

This time I did respond, but I won’t again. I made my point. I’m not going to let him undo everything I’ve worked hard to get the last few years. I’ve become a stronger person because of what I’ve been through. I’m a survivor, and nothing will change that.

Some suggestions on dealing with haters

The thing is authors, famous or not, are in the public eye. Our readers are watching us. They are watching to see how we react to things like that. How do we respond? Are we respectful when responding? Or are we rude and disrespectful?

Most of the time we shouldn’t engage with a hater. If you’ve gotten a bad review for no reason at all, you might be tempted to email the person and ask why. Engaging with a hater may only make things worse. So don’t. Don’t even waste your time. Don’t give the hater the satisfaction of knowing you read their comment.

We all have our opinions. He has his, and I have mine. I’m not going to let one comment change who I am. I know I have plenty of supporters elsewhere so I’m not going to dwell on his two comments.

Author Kelly Kittel has a magnet on her refrigerator that says, “Be brave and do hard things.” While she is writing about the deaths of her baby and toddler in separate incidents, this quote rings true for any situation.

Authors need thick skin to deal with the haters. We have to deal with them the best we can. We can’t worry about what people will think about our writing. If I want to write about a topic that will bother others, then so be it. I have to understand that I will have haters, and I need to prepare my response if I even choose to respond.

In the song, “Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift sings, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate….” They sure are.

How will you handle a hater? Will you respond, or will you ignore the person?



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