Are You Ready to Become an Author Entrepreneur?

author entrepreneurHave you ever thought about becoming an author entrepreneur? If you’re reading this, chances are you are an author. If you’ve ever thought about making a business out of being an author, then this book, Business for Authors by Joanna Penn is a must.

For six years, Penn has been a full-time author entrepreneur. The Creative Penn is where you can find so much more information aside from this book. Penn has written several books about writing and marketing.

A summary of Business for Authors

Business for Authors is divided into eight parts with part nine as questions to get you started. Each part focuses on one aspect of starting your own business.

For instance, the second part is products and services you’ll offer. Within each part, Penn breaks it down into smaller parts. She defines whatever the part is so, in this case, she defines what products and services are.

Then she goes into detail about products and services. She discusses products, such as ebooks, print books, and other services you can offer. Another section is business models. Penn mentions three — one for nonfiction and speaking, one for high volume book releases, and one for a few books along with teaching and freelance writing.

Penn goes on to explain how you choose one or maybe even combinations of two of them. Once you choose your model, she gives you ten different points that you can score from one to ten. This is helpful for you to see how you’re thinking about your business.

The rest of this part looks at some of the legal issues, such as contracts, copyright, and piracy. These three things are items you should understand.

What I liked about the book

I liked the book itself. It’s smaller than most nonfiction books I own. This makes it easy to pick up and use over and over again as a resource.

I can easily find things I want to reread. There are parts of this book I probably will never read again, but other parts I will read many times. It’s nice that I can look at the table of contents and find what I need right away instead of rereading the entire book or searching for a while.

Penn gave me some new things to think about. Some of her ideas I had already thought about, but she gave me some new ones. At the moment, I don’t plan on having a big team as she does. Then again, I’m not where she is right now. I’m just getting started with my own business.

I do only have my current books on Amazon, and she suggests you branch out into other distributors and not put everything into one. I understand what she’s saying, but because my books are on Kindle Select, I’ve had a few people read them on Kindle Unlimited. I get paid for them to read my books because of that.

Along with the book, Penn provides a business plan template you can get off of her website. You can also get a worksheet of the book so you can fill out the answers and reflect as you read. I’ve printed off both of them and have taken the time to go through the book questions. I’m working on my business plan now.

If you’re even thinking the tiniest bit about becoming an author entrepreneur, I would strongly suggest you read Business for Authors. While there were things I did know, I did learn quite a bit about starting my own author business. It’s the only book I’ve found so far that has explained everything there is about starting your own author business.

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