4 Writing Goals I Revisited for This Awesome Year

Writing GoalsWriting goals are ever changing, or, at least, they are for me. Around the first of each month, I look at all of my goals for the year. But I focus on the writing goals the most. Those goals almost always change.

Halfway through the year, two of my four writing goals have changed. That’s good, though, that I recognize my goals are changing. I can make the needed adjustments and know where I am headed next.

Goal 1

I have three good writing clients so I quit my job at The Haven.

This goal has changed to I will have at least two freelancing jobs and will contact at least three clients a week.

First off to make this clear, I do love my Haven job, but one of my long term goals is to be able to travel more. So The Haven doesn’t fit in that plan.

As of now, I have one small freelancing job. It makes me a little extra to help cover the loss of child support. Every little bit helps, right?

Every day I look for writing and editing jobs on a couple of job boards, and I try to apply for at least three a week.

For a while I was applying to any and all that interested me, but now I focus on ones that pay better and that fit in my niches better.

Goal 2

I rewrote my two novels, and they are doing much better than they were.

This goal has changed to I wrote a short story, or prequel, to my novels to give away on my author website.

After posting to one of my writing groups on Facebook, the consensus was I should not rewrite books that I have already published. So that goal went out the window quickly.

Since the beginning of the year, I have learned about having a giveaway on my website as a way to build my email newsletter from people, like Jeff Goins and Nick Stephenson. Instead, I decided to write a short story, or prequel, to my two novels.

The short story will give some additional information about the characters in my two books. I hope to write this story during Camp NaNo in July.

Goal 3

I published my Rick Springfield memoir.

I am working on this book and have started editing it. I had planned to have it published by now, but that obviously isn’t going to happen.

My new plan is to publish by the end of the year.

Goal 4

I marketed my writing and editing business every day for 20 minutes.

I have spent time since the first of the year learning to market my books and myself more. I did a free 30-day marketing experience through Rachel Thompson’s BadRedhead Media website.

If you need to learn marketing, Rachel is the one you should follow. She has years of experience in marketing, and I have learned so much from her.

The last month or so I’ve been working harder at marketing myself and continue learning things I can do better.

How are your writing goals going so far this year? Are you on target?

2 thoughts on “4 Writing Goals I Revisited for This Awesome Year

  1. I did a post on my goals last month. Basically, some goals are in progress, while I scrapped one. I think the big thing with me is that I talked so much about completing these goals that I psyched myself out into putting forth the effort to see them through. Case in point: writing this novel that has eluded me forever. It may get to the point where I change this goal to something more attainable. We’ll see.


  2. I think making the goals more attainable is better. If you set the goal too high, then you feel like you failed. If you set smaller goals or take a big goals and break it down into steps, then you will feel much more successful as you hit each goal. Good luck!


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