Thinking of the Beach and Books Are My Weekend

writing Hot and humid is the only way to describe the weather here today, but I prefer it over the cold and snow of winter.

I’m trying to keep my mind busy this weekend, too. I have many memories running through my head, but if there is one thing I’ve learned the last two years, it’s that I’m not alone.

Estrangement is becoming an epidemic in this world. Family means nothing to the younger generation. There used to be a saying that said, “Blood is thicker than water.” I take it that is no longer true.

I pray every day that someday soon we can make amends. I would love nothing more than to have her back in my life. I miss my concert buddy and my little girl. Until then, I will keep praying that she sees her way back here and that she keeps being the strong girl I know she is.

Top links of the week

1. 95 Business Books for People Who Dream Big

As a freelance writer/editor and Nerium Brand Partner, I look for books that will help me with my businesses. This list of books definitely helps with that.

With Nerium, I use CEO Jeff Olson’s the slight edge and read 10 pages in a personal development book or listen to a podcast every day. Today it was a podcast from the Live Happy website. This list will help me find books that I can read.

Of course, I want to read these kind of books to help me become a better person. If you’re struggling with parts of your life, especially your career, then I suggest taking a look at this list.

2. Science Explains How The Beach Can Change Our Brains And Mental Health

Who doesn’t love the beach? Some people I know don’t love it as much as I do, but for me, it’s like the meme says, “The beach is my happy place.” Anyone of my friends on Facebook knows I share or post a beach picture every day.

This article confirms what I could have told you without wasting time and money on research. The beach makes us happy and helps us feel better.

I haven’t had a beach vacation since August 2013 right before my kids went back to school. Needless to say, I was having beach withdrawals until this past spring break. My son and I drove two hours to the west coast and spent two hours at Avalon State Park near Fort Pierce, Florida.

Two hours wasn’t near enough to make up for the three years I had been missing it, but it was better than nothing.

3. 10 things indie authors are doing wrong (and 7 things they’re doing right)

You probably know by now that I’m an indie author. I’ve published my own books through my tiny publishing company called Beach Girl Publishing.

Derek Murphy, the article’s author, has a great graphic showing the 10 wrong things and the 7 right things. I’m a visual person so this stands out to me and is easily understood.

Murphy then goes into written description of these 17 things. I found the tips to be very helpful so take a look if you are an indie author, too.

How was your past week? I hope it was great!

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