5 Reasons Camp NaNo is More Awesome Than NaNo

Camp NaNo, WritingCamp National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner. I prefer to do Camp in July over the regular NaNo in November or even Camp in April.

July is the least busy month of the year for me, especially the last few years. The last couple of years I’ve actually “won” Camp NaNo.

For the most part, Camp NaNo has been a more successful endeavor for me than regular NaNo. I have tried every year to do NaNo, and only the first year in 2012, did I “win.” I have tried every Camp NaNo since then two times a year. I have one each camp in July, but April has been a mess.

So why does Camp NaNo better for me than NaNo?

1. Choose your own count

The best part about Camp NaNo is that you can pick your own word count. Regular NaNo is a 50,000 words, but for me at that time of the year, 50K is tough.

For Camp I usually set a low word count of 10,000 words to ensure that I hit my goal. I know I should set my goal higher so I can stretch myself, but I like to know I’m hitting my goal.

2. Have less stress

Going along with the word count, having a lesser amount or choosing your own word count creates less stress.

Writing the amount of words I choose creates less stress because I don’t feel the pressure of having to write 1,667 words each day. If I set a goal of 10K, that’s only 323 words each day. Such a better amount for me!

3. Have cabins

Camp NaNo has cabins that NaNo doesn’t have. You have a choice with the cabins. You can either be invited into a cabin – hopefully by people you know –, or you can be put into a cabin randomly.

I’ve done the cabins both ways. The random way was fine until last year when I got put into a cabin with a bunch of younger people. I usually can relate to those that age, but not this time.

I am a part of a writing group on Facebook so this past April I joined a cabin with other writers I’ve met. That went much better.

4. Have more time

During Camp NaNo in July is a less hectic time of the year for me. I have more free time to write because I don’t have as many responsibilities at this time.

This July I am working in the afternoons for four hours, but that leaves me plenty of time to write in the morning and in the evening if that is needed.

With November and sometimes in April, these two months are much more hectic for me than in July. November, of course, is holiday time, and I just doesn’t leave me enough time to do the writing to do the regular NaNo.

In April sometimes I’m still pretty busy with my two part-time jobs. This past April I was both busy with my jobs so I did not have a lot of extra time to write.

5. Earn rewards

Regular NaNo in November always get you rewards at the end if you “win.” Both camps in April and July do the same thing. In November 2012 when I one regular NaNo, I got a 50% off coupon for Scrivener, and I got free five copies free five copies of my book from Createspace on Amazon.

Camp NaNo doesn’t offer the free books, but it does give you the 50% off of Scrivener. Since I already have Scrivener, I give my 50% off code to another writer.

I post in a couple of writing groups on Facebook, and I usually have someone who takes it. I only ask that they use the code because I don’t want it to go to waste.

If you do Camp NaNo, which one do you prefer April or July and why?

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Camp NaNo is More Awesome Than NaNo

  1. I’m honestly a fan of all of the different varieties of NaNo. There are pros and cons to both types. While Camp is a lot of fun, I feel more urgency with the official NaNoWriMo, perhaps because I can’t tweak my word count depending on how I’m doing.

    I love to use Camp NaNo to edit/get smaller projects done. Come actual NaNo time, I use it to finish a new novel. So, I think that both camp and official are very important.

    As far as whether I like April or July better, I’m a bigger fan of April… but that’s probably just because it’s cooler weather?

    Either way, great post!


  2. Thanks! I think we all have reasons about whether April or July is better, and it’s all about what’s going on in our lives during that month. I think November NaNo could be great once I get rolling with novels, and I’m going to try it again this year. Hopefully, I will get KM Weiland’s Structuring Your Novel book read before then so I can try to write the third book of my trilogy for the third time.


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