The Rick Springfield World Suffers a Loss

writing, Rick SpringfieldI’m switching up the Week in Review a bit this week. Until I figure out exactly how I want to do this weekly post, I may change it again. I’m trying to make this as an informative for you, the writer, as I can.

I also want to show you how I am progressing with my own writing. I am motivating you to write as well. I don’t mean this as a competition by any means. But I know how seeing what others are doing motivates me to write as well.

Sadness in the Rick world

As I continue editing my Rick Springfield book, I woke up having a dream about meeting Rick at a concert on last Tuesday morning. I should have taken that as a sign.

I opened up Facebook on my phone to check the notifications and flip through the newsfeed only to find out Rick’s guitar tech, Ruben Velasco, lost his battle with lung cancer.

I had never met him, but I was friends with him on Facebook. Then I read where one of my other friends was dating him. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read her post. How heartbreaking…

I can’t imagine what she might be feeling, but my thoughts and prayers go out to her and Ruben’s family and friends.

Top links of the week

In addition to items that touch my writing, I’m going to provide you with my top links of the week. The number may vary each week depending upon what articles I read. I hope to help you with your writing, editing, productivity, or anything else for your writer life.

1. 10 Things Morning People Do That Make Them Different

I am not a morning person. Repeat. I am not a morning person and never have been. During the school year, I have to be a morning person. I have to make sure my son is up and ready to catch the bus, and some days I have to get ready for a day of subbing before heading to my regular part-time job after school.

But in the summer, things are different. My son isn’t here during the week so I have no reason to be up at my normal 5:45-6:00 a.m. This article makes me realize I need to be a morning person every day of the year.

2. The 7 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

From the time I was in sixth grade, I kept a diary. I recorded what happened every day in this little diary. As I grew older, I started keeping more of a journal.

I pretended I was talking to someone out there and share my feelings. Of course, I figured no one would ever read it and probably never will.

A journal is a way for me to vent and get out those horrible feelings. When I couldn’t get a word on a page, it was way for me to put words on a page even if I was rambling in the process.

Journaling made me feel better. Every. Time.

3. How Can #BookMarketingChat Help You Sell More Books?

One thing I am looking forward to this summer is being able to attend this chat. During the school year, I was on my way home from picking up my son for his midweek time with his dad so I missed this every week.

With summer here, that isn’t a problem anymore. I’ve gone through most of Rachel’s 30-day Social Media Marketing course, and it was wonderful. I am looking forward to the next chat and highly recommend you join if you want to sell books!

What articles or blog posts did you read this week? Share them in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “The Rick Springfield World Suffers a Loss

  1. I can echo so much of what you’ve written here.Tomorrow is my kids’ last day of school. I’ve decided to make a habit of getting up early this summer – hopefully long before them, solely for writing. I need to create a dedicated time because nothing else is working lately and I want to be working around the house and doing things with them most of the day. And the journal – I call it my free therapy. I kept a daily journal from about ages 13-25. It was largely a daily recap. Since then I’ve only written sporadically (more since I joined 365K Club last year), but now it’s almost exclusively to work out frustrations, moods, and feelings. And that chat – I’ve had it on my calendar every week but have yet to make it. Maybe this week!


  2. Journaling is definitely free therapy, but sometimes I don’t do it as much as I should. It did become more sporadic for me as I got older, but it still always makes me feel better. I hope to be there for the chat this week! Maybe I’ll see you there!

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