Promising Goals Set for Exciting Summer Break

goalsWe’re heading into the last week of school. And what a sad time it is for me.

Sad? I’m done subbing for one more school year. I’ve had a great school year of subbing, but I’m ready for a break.

Writing time

Working two part-time jobs is tough at times. That means I’m away from home for ten hours a day. The money is great and helps me pay the bills.

But I’m exhausted.

That exhaustion carries over at home. I have no energy to do things at home, like my home businesses.

There are times when all I can do is fix dinner and do only the necessary things.

I try to do a little with my writing, especially if I had no down time during my subbing time. I always try to find a way to write.

If I’ve already done the writing or have no energy, then I work my other businesses. Neither of them take very long to do – make my two to three contacts. Neither of them are making me much money, if any.

Depending upon how any of the rest has gone, I work on my freelance writing and editing. This is where my focus is when my energy level is high.

I want to be a full-time writer. That has been a dream of mine since I was in high school. In the last couple of years, it went from a dream to a goal.

And one I hope to achieve in two years.

Writing jobs

With summer around the corner, my goal is to spend time working to find some jobs and get steady jobs.

I also want to continue building my author platform and building this website. I want to fill it as full of resources for other writers as I can.

I also want to promote my guest blogging on both websites. If you want to guest blog, read this post.

TV update

Remember last week when I got rid of the huge TV cabinet? I ordered a TV wall mount.

That decision was a bit difficult one. In case you haven’t looked at Amazon, the amount of wall mounts is huge. I searched through quite a few before I settled on one. The price was great, and the item got great reviews.

The wall mount arrived within a couple of days. Two days later, my 40 inch Samsung TV hung on my wall. I was excited not only to have my TV up where I could see it well, but the space I gained made this worthwhile.

Sorry, huge TV cabinet, I enjoyed my time with you, but it’s a new chapter in my life.

“Me” time

While this week ends another school year, it also means my son leaves for his dad’s. When he was younger, I didn’t like this time.

Now that he is older, I have mixed feelings. I miss not having him here. It gets lonely, but I have my three fur babies. They provide good company.

On the other hand, I get quality “me” time. I’m getting a good feel for how my life will be when he moves out. I might as well get used to it now.

How was your week? What exciting plans do you have for summer?

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