How to Say Goodbye to a Special Friend

goalsWas it me, or did last week fly by? I feel like I just posted last week’s review, and here I am doing it again. I am beginning to think that what they say is true, “The older you get, the faster time flies.”

After my daughter and then my son were born, I remember how people kept telling me that I needed to enjoy my time with them. They told me how the older you get the faster the time goes.

Now that my son is almost raised, I have to say they were right. And I find myself saying the same thing to people I know with younger kids.

Saying goodbye

On Sunday, I said goodbye to a TV cabinet, much like a special friend or a family member, that I had bought and put together when the kids and I first moved into our house 11 years ago.

The cabinet was nice and big. Big wasn’t even the word for it. Huge was more like it.

I had one of the older TVs that weighed like 100 pounds so I wanted to put it in the cabinet and close the doors and not have to worry about my curious son pulling the TV on top of himself.

I had only decided to sell it a couple of days ago, posted the ad on a couple of local buy and sell pages on Facebook, and within a half hour a man emailed me privately and asked if I still had it.

I was sad to see it go because it had become a part of the family. At the same time I am decluttering and getting rid of things that I don’t want or need anymore.

I needed the cabinet for storing my dozens of VHS tapes, but I can’t play them anymore so I will need to find a way to get them on DVDs soon.

Switching rooms

At the same time my son had bugged at me to trade his small bedroom for my bigger office. I had resisted the urge to do it because he will be leaving in a couple of years after he graduates.

However, as part of the decluttering task, I decided the move might force me to actually get rid of things. The switch also meant my office would be closer to the other end of the house where my living room and kitchen are.

It also meant no more extreme temperature room. My former office was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

On top of the man buying the cabinet, my son and I moved furniture and other belongings. My house is a mess for now, but I know soon, I will be organized and have less stuff than I did before.

Looking toward my goals

I continue to look toward my goals for the next chapter in my life. I am revisiting a proofreading course I bought a few years ago. Proofreading is something I feel is one of my greatest strengths when it comes to my freelancing.

I have been working on my resume and reading on how to find jobs. The woman who wrote this course makes it sound easy, but I’m not so sure about that.

I do know she does a great job of giving tips on how to find jobs so all I have to do is follow it.

Now if I could wave my magic wand and have the resumes sent, that would be great. I know it won’t happen that fast, but I am almost done subbing for this school year so I will have my mornings to concentrate on finding the jobs.

How did last week go for you? What goals do you have for this week?

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