How to Guest Blog on This Awesome Website

blogging, guest bloggerGuest blogging is one of many ways to build your author brand. You get your name out there and interact with others who help promote you and your books.

At Beach Girl Publishing, I welcome guest bloggers. However, I do have certain guidelines I want to share with you.

What topics do I want for guest blogging?

Every blog has a certain topic, or niche. I look for such topics as:

Author platform — Authors all need a platform to market their books. Share those great ideas.

Marketing — Authors need to market every day. That means posting interesting articles about topics related to their books and about their books. However, that doesn’t mean post, “Buy my books” every day. If you have ideas on how to gain readers, then let me hear them.

Writing — A writer is not perfect. Learning to write well takes practice as well as learning techniques. Do you have a certain technique you use for your writing?

Editing/Proofreading — I do offer both copyediting and proofreading here on Beach Girl Publishing, but authors can use any editor and/or proofreader they choose. How do you know how to find the best editor for your writing?

Productivity — We all have busy lives. Some of us write in short spurts throughout the day. Others get to write full-time. Whoever you are, you have to manage your time and make the most of it. Do you have tips to help writers have their best productivity?

Cover Design — Right up there with editing, the book’s cover is one of the most important parts of the book. After all, the cover is what a reader sees first. I want to hear ideas about doing covers yourself or finding a good cover designer.

Success stories — Every author is on a different journey. Some of us are in the first months of writing a book while others are writing book number five or six or even higher. Tell me about a success in your author journey. I don’t care if it’s something as simple as getting time to write for a few minutes every night or if you’ve published your twelfth book. I want to hear any and all stories.

How do you get your guest blog published here?

You will pitch an idea to me. I don’t ask for anything too elaborate, but give me a good idea in three to five sentences what you will cover in your post.

You can send your idea to me via email.

What else do you need to know about guest blogging?

Minimum word count — My blog posts are at least 500 words, and most of the time they are closer to at least 700 words. I expect the blog posts to be 500 words.

Only original content — I don’t want any ads, paid links, or sponsored posts so please don’t ask. I want these blog posts to be original, genuine content.

Headline/graphic — In order to save me time, I would appreciate it if you could include a headline. I use CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer, a great tool to help you write your best headline. I usually post a graphic with the blog posts so that I can pin it to Pinterest. I use Canva to do the graphic. It’s a great tool to make many different graphics. I will also share on my author Facebook page and Twitter.

No pay — Sorry, but I don’t have a budget to pay anyone yet. As my website grows, I may be able to do so in the future. For now, this gives you extra exposure and builds your platform.

Date of blog post — Right now I plan to post these on Thursdays. I will tell you when I will post yours as the pitches come to me.

I hope this explains everything in detail. If not, feel free to email me with your question(s).

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