10 Apps Every Writer Needs

10 Apps Every Writer Needs

Next to my laptop, my phone is a blessing when it comes to my writing.

To others, a phone is a hindrance. Playing games or watching videos on YouTube keep you from doing what you really need to be doing.

These two examples are the reason a writer needs these ten apps on their phone. The apps will help a writer get the most from her writing.

1. Evernote

I had Evernote on my iPhone and used it quite a bit from writing notes and ideas to grocery lists. When I got my Samsung Note 3, it was one of the first apps I got.

Evernote is a note-taking app. You can also use it for lists.

You can have Evernote on all of your devices, including laptop, Kindle, iPad, and various phones. Whatever you put on one device easily syncs to the other devices making this app very versatile.

2. Documents to Go

If you use Microsoft Office, Documents to Go is similar to that. I use this app to write blog posts or whatever to write while I am away from my laptop.

When I need whatever I’ve written on my laptop, I can easily email to myself or transfer it from my phone to my laptop.

Whether you use this app or something else, a writing app is important to any writer.

3. Pinterest

If you are a visual person, then you need Pinterest. This app can be your visual aide for your novels and short stories.

You can use it to share things about writing as well as your own writing. I have started using it as visuals for the characters and settings in my novels.

I have used it to share my blog posts as well as my books.

I have gained quotes that motivate and help me become a better writer.

4. Any.do

If you prefer not to make lists in Evernote or don’t like Evernote, Any.do is for you. You can create lists of what you need to do.

Once you complete something, you cross it off so it’s like having a list on your phone.

5. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I started out using Dictionary.com. However, I figured out that editors recommend using the Merriam-Webster dictionary instead.

Both my phone and Kindle have it now, and I can use it online on my laptop.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is another app I can’t live without. You can store documents, pictures, or whatever else you would like.

I have it on my phone and laptop to keep files nearby. For instance, if you are working on a short story at home, but can’t take your laptop with you to work, you can load the short story into Dropbox.

Then on your lunch hour, you can use Dropbox on your phone to access that story to write or edit.

7. Pandora or Spotify

Music always motivate me to write more. I tend to listen to Pandora, but I know others use Spotify for their music.

8. Dragon Dictation

If you have trouble typing, then Dragon Dictation is an app for you.

You tell this app what you want it to type, and the app does the typing for you.

9. Goodreads

Writers are readers, too. Goodreads not only connects writers with their readers, but writers can see books they can read as well.

Writers can meet their readers and do giveaways.

After all, I was a reader before I became a writer.

10. WordPress

All writers should have a website to build their platform or brand. WordPress is an app for your website and blog.

I use it for all three of my websites because it is easy to use. I would suggest using your laptop to set up your website initially, but once you have it set up, you can use the app to approve comments or post to your blog.

Final thoughts

These apps all help writers in some way. I know the majority of them help me each day.

Which apps do you use? Which ones would you like to try? Give me other apps you use on a daily basis.

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