The Zen of Book Launch

The Zen ofBook Launch

Procrastination should be my middle name, maybe even my first name. If I can find something to read or do other than writing, I do.

However, this time procrastination found me this wonderful book called Book Launch by Chandler Bolt.

Remember the book called How to Make an Extra $1000 a Month Writing eBooks by Lise Cartwright that I reviewed here the end of January?

I signed up for her email newsletter and got information about Bolt’s book and videos. He is the owner of Self-Publishing School.

The contents

When I signed up for Bolt’s email newsletter, I received Book Launch and his four videos for free.

The videos are a great introduction to his Self-Publishing School. He is a young, ambitious young man who knows how to self-publish.

As it turned out, Bolt uses the videos to sell you admission to his school. But they were still informative even if you can’t afford the school.

Book Launch is an easy step-by-step book about self-publishing. Bolt breaks the book into brief chapters, and each chapter is about one topic.

Bolt even shared in his next email newsletter how a man had read this book and had already published a book in only thirty days.

Yes, that’s right.

Bolt’s book sets you up to write a book in thirty days.

He explains everything from getting the idea, figuring out the title, writing the book in thirty days, editing, getting a cover, publishing, and marketing.

For instance, with marketing, Bolt offers suggestions on how to use marketing tactics while writing your book. He suggests having three covers on your Facebook page and letting readers help you pick the cover.

Readers help you pick the cover, and at the same time you’re telling them this book is going to be published soon. How cool is that!

In each section, he gives examples of other writers who have published a book using his method.

My review

Whether you can afford to do the school is up to you. It is pricey.

However, Book Launch is inexpensive on Amazon. And worth every penny.

Why is this book worth every penny? The easy of reading and understanding is why I bring this book to your attention.

You could read this book as you write your own book — although I would suggest reading it all the way through first. It’s that easy to understand.

In fact, that is how I’m writing my own book about self-publishing — 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish.

I like how Bolt gives us the real life examples. I can look up those books on Amazon and see how successful they’ve been. Most of the examples he has given us have done quite well.

Bolt makes Book Launch feel like I am sitting in a room talking to him. It reads more like a conversation than a book.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking about self-publishing even a tiny bit, I would highly recommend this book. Bolt shares tons of information in under 200 pages.

I did know some of what he mentions in the book, but still learned more.

Of all the books I’ve read about writing and self-publishing, Book Launch would be in my Top Ten. I invite you to give it a try.

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