The Zen of Easy Cash Writing

easy cash writing

Have you ever wanted to be a freelance writer? I have since I was a young kid.

However, I never really thought about making my dream come true until last spring when I lost my full-time job.

I had already been doing some proofreading as a way to earn extra money. I hadn’t gotten rich from that by any means, only extra money to pay for my family’s vacations and Christmas gifts.

Then I decided to add the writing part. Why not since the two go hand in hand?

I started soaking up everything I could about freelance writing. I had done a little bit of freelancing when my kids were younger, but never anything very steady, much less doing it full-time. I never thought it could be a possibility.

Now it was time to take it seriously. And quickly.

A little bit about Easy Cash Writing

I stumbled upon this book called Easy Cash Writing by Rob Parnell a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t too sure about the book at first. I thought he was one of those guys who would tell me to write for content mills. Or he was one of those guys who would teach me a quick rich writing method.

No. I was wrong.

This 500-page book is stuffed full of information. Very helpful information, I might add.

When I saw the book was that many pages, I figured it would take a while to read. But half of the book is links to websites to submit your writing.

Each chapter is about one aspect of writing, such as fillers or articles. At the end of each chapter, Parnell includes the links, which is several pages. You pick which ones to submit your writing.

At the beginning of the book, he offers suggestions about motivating you to write every day.

I sure could use that. For the past few months, I have no motivation to write. Too many things on my mind keeping me from focusing on the important stuff like writing.

Parnell says you can’t call yourself a writer if you aren’t writing. That statement has stuck with me. It gave me the kick in the pants that I need to get going.

Parnell suggests not to try all of the different types of writing at once. Instead, he says to focus on two or three of them. He advises sending off queries to a few places in one type of writing and then focus on another area.

That makes sense to me. If he hadn’t said that, I would try to do most of the types of writing he mentions in the book so I’m glad he suggests we focus on two or three of them.

Helpfulness of the book

Back to the links, I love that he includes these. This makes it so much easier for us to get started and keeps us from wasting time looking for resources.

He does say that the links could change. He asks us to send him an email and let him know of any updates we find.

With the book being as helpful as it is, I have no problem emailing him with updates. After all, he is saving us time so why shouldn’t we return the favor?

I enjoyed Easy Cash Writing so much that I read the book twice before ideas really started rolling around in my head. I will be referring to it quite often as a reference and as I begin to do different types of freelance writing.

I learned the dos and don’ts of freelance writing. Some of Parnell’s ideas weren’t even things I had thought about doing.

I enjoyed this book so much that I checked out Parnell’s website, Easy Way to Write. I discovered he has written many books about writing as well as some fiction books.

While looking at Parnell’s website, I signed up for his newsletter and read through some of his blog posts.

Final thoughts

According to Amazon, Easy Cash Writing has nearly a perfect five stars from the reviews. I would have to agree with that and will post a review of the book there as well.

I hope you will give this book a look at least and decide for yourself.

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