How to make the most of a writers group

Do you belong to a local writers group? By local writers group, I mean a group that physically meets at least once a month, not something you find on Facebook.

If not, have you ever thought about joining one? Perhaps no writers group exists in your area. Have you thought about starting one?

Last winter, I was talking with another writer, whom I had met at a training for our regular jobs. She suggested we get together and talk about writing. She even knew of another writer.

This sounded like a great idea to me. I love talking about writing with others, especially when I can share what I have learned.

Before the three of us could get together, I discovered a writers group in my town. I couldn’t wait for the meeting.

What could this writers group do for me? What could I do for them?

Sharing ideas

A writers group should be about sharing ideas and not being afraid to share those ideas, no matter how silly the ideas may be.

At one meeting, one of the members brought a children’s book she had written and illustrated. She asked for ideas on how to publish it. I shared my thoughts about Amazon. Another woman suggested a local publisher she knows.

The member was excited to hear these options. She admitted she isn’t very technology savvy so hearing these ideas made her even more excited. She probably wouldn’t have known about them had she not been in the group.

Being open to each other’s thoughts

Small groups like this always intimidate me. I’m not sure why, but they do.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the group is small – only four to six show up each meeting. I have never been one to share very much in small groups like this. I always feel like people are judging me.

This group is different, and the way any writers group should be. Each writer should feel comfortable in sharing whatever they want about writing. She should never feel like she is being judged.

So far, this group hasn’t let me down. They are open to others’ thoughts. I can say what I want and feel comfortable in doing so.

Doing writing prompts

Since this is a writers group, we usually take a few minutes and do a writing prompt. Each member takes a month to lead the group.

I find it interesting the kinds of writing prompts each of us brings. One month, we drew a heart and wrote down different items about our life. We then picked one of those items and wrote about it.

This month was my turn, and I chose a prompt from a book called 642 Things to Write About. The prompt I chose asked you to tell about life now to the future in 500 years.

We all came up with different thoughts. Amazing how each of us views that one writing prompt, isn’t it?

Seeking inspiration

Not many people understand a writer or why a person writes. I have support with my books, but when it comes to inspiration, I usually seek it elsewhere.

The writers group helps me do that. I haven’t felt very inspired to write here lately.

Too much going on in my personal life. You would think that would push me to write. Well, it doesn’t. I have no motivation for much of anything even things I love like writing.

After our last meeting, the inspiration hit me. Being around other writers gave me that kick in the backside I needed. Hearing what they are doing pushes me to do what they are doing.

I haven’t written much since our last meeting, but I have been reading a couple of books about writing, which helps, too. The author has given me some inspiring tips to get writing.

Joining a writers group is helpful even if they do only meet once a month. I can talk about writing with people who understand me.

The most important thing about a writers group? I walk away feeling inspired.




















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